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Yahoo Email - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

LAS Tech Department strongly recommends against using Yahoo email as a primary method of communication for staff, student and parents. We recommend people use a free Google Gmail account for their communications

This document helps to explain why we often are asked why Yahoo emails do not get delivered or are often blocked. Parents and community member may call in
reporting that they have not received important email communication being sent out by staff members.

Yahoo email practices are well documented throughout the internet and when used for very moderate email communications, it is often safe and reliable. The main problem we have with Yahoo is when our LAS Staff is attempting to send several emails to Yahoo email accounts in one day. After so many emails have been sent from LAS, Yahoo automatically block all other LAS emails. This problem is easily replicated with our Infinite Campus newsletters, end of week building newsletters,parent emails, etc. This method of blocking emails is known as 'Email Throttling'. Thankfully with our email servers setup, any non-delivered email is re-attempted through a 72-hour period until the message is successful. This however does not always solve the issue when there are several hundred emails waiting to be delivered, Yahoo will keep blocking us. If the email do get delivered, they are often several hours or days late.

According to this link , we are encouraged by Yahoo to opt-out of Yahoo SPAM blocking and be listed at a SAFE SENDER on their WHITELIST. Multiple times we have submitted this application and yahoo does their best effort as show in this email from Yahoo technical support.

In addition to the concerns listed above, Yahoo email servers are known to be big players in the world of SPAM. Due to this, Yahoo servers often end up on BlackList and therefore disrupt parent / community member emails from coming into Lowell. It is very difficult and time consuming to weed out the bad Yahoo emails from the legit safe emails.

The sad fact is, Yahoo has been around for a long time and has a history of using very unorthodox methods of preventing SPAM. In a catch 22 scenario, Yahoo services receive so much of it's annual operation income based on advertisements that they are a natural magnet of SPAM and therefore must put in place pretty extreme email blocking methods. They also incorporate hidden programs in their services that track user interactions and promote target advertising, In 2016 and 2017, Yahoo email account have been repeatedly hacked, stealing thousands of account passwords and personal information.

Based on these practices, the amount of advertising and all the security concerns, LAS Tech Department strongly recommends against using Yahoo email as a primary method of communication. As an alternate, we recommend people switching to a Gmail A Gmail account can be created from this link HERE

Here is Yahoos' Yahoo Best Practices for Bulk Senders and Postmasters The problem with this link (and several other Yahoo support links) is that they are for people that have a Yahoo email accounts and do not provide any assistance for email users that are trying to send to Yahoo accounts.

NOTE (1) - Yahoo partners with and operates several other domains using the SPAM filtering methods. This includes SBCglobal, and rocketmail.
NOTE (2) - To be fair, it is not just Yahoo that practices these methods, however Yahoo seems to be the most inhibiting, Hotmail and Gmail does at times block inbound connections however their allowed connection limit is much higher.

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