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Virus Protection

The principle concern of this computer virus protection practice/guideline is effective and efficient prevention of network virus outbreaks and network security attacks involving computers associated with Lowell Area Schools. The primary focus is to ensure that Lowell Area Schools-affiliated users (staff and students) are aware of and take responsibility for proper use. Virus protection software is available on all district owned computers. It is the responsibility of the end user to ensure that virus protection is installed and updated on all non-district owned computers

Virus protection is provided in order to:

  • Protect the integrity, reliability, and performance of the school’s computing resources
  • Ensure that the resource-user community operates according to a minimum of safe computing practices
  • Ensure that the district-licensed virus software is used for its intended purposes
  • Prevent the loss of information/data and software on district-owned computers and minimize the cost of computing maintenance and network downtime by virus outbreaks
  • Create a system for automatic, immediate notification once an outbreak has been detected
  • Require a minimum of end-user responsibilities in regards to computer virus protection practices.

Virus protection is most effective if every computer on the Lowell Area Schools’ network has anti-virus software installed. The Technology Department will monitor network activity and initiate appropriate action to control infection. They have the responsibility to disconnect any server or client known to be an infecting agent. The end-user will be contacted immediately and will work with the Technology Department to solve the problem.
Anyone not complying with this practice/guideline will leave themselves and others at risk of virus infections. An individual's non-compliant computer can have significant, adverse affects on other individuals, groups, departments, or even the entire district. It is critical to bring all computers into compliance as soon as possible.

Revision – March, 2010

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