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Lowell Area Schools - Terminal Services


Terminal Service connections are available and provide remote access to many of your LAS applications and files. Please visit for connection links.

What is “Terminal Services” ? Click HERE for a description and explanation.

Lowell Area Schools is pleased to provide Terminal Services for it's LAS Staff. Terminal Services is for staff only and all activity must be work-related. Please do not install any software or save anything to the desktop on terminal services. Anything not saved to a network drive (ie: H drive), will be lost when you log off.

Below you will find additional information that may answer some of the common questions we receive from people that use, or are trying to use, LAS Terminal Services:

Question –> “I have a MAC and cannot connect”
Answer –> Make sure your MAC device has a “RDP” or a “Remote Desktop Protocol” app installed (such as ) . If not, install that then download and launch one of the terminal server links. If the links do not work still, try manually launching the RDP software then open a remote session to → “” (without the quotes). You could also try server →

Question → Using Chrome browser and connection links are not working or I get this when I click on either Primary or Secondary Connection:
“screen mode id:i:2 desktopwidth:i:1600 desktopheight:i:1200 session bpp:i:16 winposstr:s:0,1,162,23,1770,1257 full compression:i:1 keyboardhook:i:2 audiomode:i:0 redirectdrives:i:1 redirectprinters:i:1 redirectcomports:i:0 redirectsmartcards:i:1 displayconnectionbar:i:1 autoreconnection enabled:i:1 username:s: domain:s: alternate shell:s: shell working directory:s: disable wallpaper:i:1 disable full window drag:i:0 disable menu anims:i:0 disable themes:i:0 disable cursor setting:i:0 bitmapcachepersistenable:i:1 enablecredsspsupport:i:0”

Answer → When using Chrome browser you need to first save the links to your local computer and then execute them. You can do this by right-clicking over the connection links and choose “save link as…”. Next, save it to your desktop and then double-click that saved file from your Desktop. It is best to save both Primary and Secondary connection links.

Question → “I keep getting warning messages when trying to connect, Is it safe?”:
Answer → YES - Windows by default will ask you if you are sure that you want to connect, even though it cannot verify the identity of our terminal servers. Simply click OK, continue or Accept until you see the Novell login window.

Question → “Login and Password Not Working - Says Incorrect Credentials”?:
Answer → If you are receiving a message similar to this and you previously downloaded the connection links to your desktop - you should first try re-downloading the links. We often update these links and therefore the problem may have been fixed since you last downloaded the connection link. Before you even connect to the Terminal Server, you may see a box that ask for your username, password and Domain. Please make sure that all these fields are BLANK. Click connect and only then should you put in your username and password.

Question → Required Client:
Answer → You must have the required terminal server software installed onto your home computer. Most computers have this integrated into the operating system - almost all PC do, and therefore you do not need to worry about this step. If however your computer does not work, try downloading the required client from or do a google search for your computers' OS 'terminal server client'.

Question → “That is not my user name that is shown”?:
Answer → You may need to change the username that is shown to match your LAS username - this is normal.

Question → “Where's is my desktop or start menu?”:
Answer → When you login, you will see a message explaining to “Please use the Application Window to navigate and launch all your programs. It is normal for this session to not show a start menu or desktop, all your needed programs are in the Application Window. Please use the LogOff app to log out of Terminal Services and end your session when done.”. Therefore it is working as designed to not have a desktop or start menu.

Question →How do I log off?”:
Answer → You log off by using the 'Log Off' application. It is best to NOT just click the red X in the upper right corner to close the terminal session. Doing so will leave your session logged in, idle but not open to you.

Question → Local Printers:
Answer → You can print from Terminal Servers directory to your home printer(s) ONLY if your home printer is supported. We cannot guarantee that any particular printer will be supported however most HP or Xerox LASER printers will work. DeskJets and InkJet printers usually will NOT show up. If your home printer is supported, it will show up as an available printer by the description of the word “redirected” in the printers name.

Question → LAS Networked Printers:
Answer → No LAS printers are installed and available within Terminal Services.

Question → Local Drives: You may receive a warning prompt indicating that your local drives will be made available within Terminal Services. This feature is safe and allows you to access your home computer's hard drives or memory sticks from within Terminal Services and therefore you can easily copy files from work and home <vise-versa>. You can access these drives using the 'Windows Explorer' application. The drives will show up as “<Drive Letter> on <Computer Name>” (ie: C on Bobs-Computer)

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