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LAS Staff Drive Mappings

In an effort to standardize staff drive mappings, all staff in all buildings will now have the same drive letters. These drive mappings are explained as follows:
Each staff member has the following drive letters H and I. For some, this is the same as before, for others it may be an additional drive mapping.

'H' Drive = Is your Home drive. A place on the server for any and all of your files. Backups will keep them safe. Use for all files, NEVER save files to the computer desktop or c: drive.
'I' Drive = Is the DEPT (department) drive mapping.

Other drive mappings that some staff members may have;
'G' Drive = Admin share
'P' Drive = Location for IEP's for Special Education
'S' Drive = Location for School Finance data
'V' Drive = Cad volume
'W' Drive = Tech drive
'Y' Drive = Yearbook drive

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