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School Dude

Schooldude has partnered with LAS to provide 'Maintenance Direct', which is Facility Management software used for submitting maintenance and janitorial request. In these guides, MD is short for Maintenance Direct. The terms SchoolDude, Maintenance Direct and FSDirect go hand in hand.
Facility management begins with tracking your work orders. Combine this with the ability to schedule planned maintenance, control your inventory items, and plan for future capital needs and now you have controlled the entire process of maintenance management.

Quick Start to login and submit a School Dude request:
1 - You should have a School Dude icon on your desktop that looks like If you do not have the icon then go here →
2 - Enter your email, and the password = redarrows (All lower case.)
3 - If you've tried logging in before before and it does not work, just choose reset password and put in redarrows.

Hint: the submittal password is: password

Here is a Quick Step Guide for MD Requesters: quick_step_guide_for_md_requesters.pdf

Additional Resources:

Here is a Quick Step Guide for MD Technicians;technician_qsg.doc

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