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Locate the installer in your Lowell Staff Applications folder on your desktop, double-click INSTALL School Finance 2000.
Click through NEXT, NEXT then click INSTALL.

Be sure to UN-CHECK the box for “Launch School Finance” (see picture below) Click FINISH.
Launch School Finance from the new icon on your desktop.
Click “Add Item”
Choose a name for the database, here we used LAS.
Locate and select the lowdata database located in your “FINANCE” (S: drive), then click OK.
Login into School Finance 2000.

How to remove the DB prompt that pops up at every launch:

Step #1 - Navigate to → User Options → User Options → General Tab
Save Last Database Opened.PNG

Step #2 - Locate; “How Databse is Selected” - on this drop down box choose “Last Database Opened”
Step #3 - Save

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