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LAS Projection Quick Start Guide


  • Screen = projected screen on wall
  • Monitor = computer monitor (flatscreen LCD in most cases)
  • Switch Plate or Black Box = A/V control center on wall
  • Projector shortcut keys:
  • Shift+WINkey+Arrow keys ← or → = Send an active window to the projector or back again.

Power On Projector AV (Black-Box) system.

  1. Turn on (Boot) computer.
  2. Press power button (far right button) on switch plate (AKA Black Box).
  3. You should hear a short beep and there will be a slight delay in system powering on (30 seconds).
  4. Select source one for computer/projector option (source two and three will be used for other devices).

Power Off Projector AV system.

  1. Turn volume down on system.
  2. Press power button to power down projector/AV system.
  3. Button will blink until projector is cooled off (you cannot restart the projector until it stops blinking, you don’t need to wait for it to cool off to leave!)

Use the speakers without using the projector.

  1. Once the system is on, turn off the projector with the remote.
  2. Press the power button two times (ON THE REMOTE) to power the projector down.
  3. Now the sound system will work without wasting bulb life of the projector.

Projecting a program (Word, Publisher, Excel, Internet, Curriculum Software)

  1. Open the program/document to be displayed.
  2. Press Shift+WINkey+Arrow keys ← or → to send to projector.
  3. When lesson is done, press Shift+WINkey+Arrow keys ← or → to send it back to monitor.
  4. Close program on monitor.
  5. DO NOT CLOSE PROGRAM ON SCREEN OR NEXT TIME IT WILL OPEN ON THE SCREEN. (The program remembers which display it used last.)

*If you forget to move the program back before you close it, you do not need to turn projector back on to get it back on your computer monitor. Click on the application in the task bar and use
Shift+WINkey+Arrow keys ← or → to move the program back without needing to turn projector back on.

PowerPoint – Previously Created
- Open PowerPoint. - Open your file. - View Slide Show. - Show will automatically play on screen (will not play on your monitor) * To change it back to the monitor; find the “slideshow” menu at the top, select “setup Show” then in the “multiple monitors” section select HP L1908w Wide LCD monitor to have it show up on your flatscreen. - PowerPoint options are available by right click on screen. - To advance slides make sure cursor is on screen. - To end show, press escape on screen.
PowerPoint – Creation
NOTE: Power point is automatically set to show on screen when you activate the slide show. When you are creating a new presentation and you want to preview your slideshow, you can select Slide show – Setup Show – Display Slide Show On – Primary Monitor (from drop down). This will allow you to preview on your monitor without turning on the projector. You will want to change this setting back when finished.


- Insert DVD into computer. - If prompted, select VLC player (orange road cone icon) - Get it cued up on the monitor. - Press Shift+WINkey+Arrow keys ← or → or Drag over to projector screen. - Double click anywhere for full screen * To pause: press the space bar * To change chapter: right click on movie * For any movie options use right click on movie
VHS Tapes
- Plug yellow audio cord into the C.V. In and white cord into Audio in left or right - Push button three on switch plate. - Turn on VCR/DVD player - Use as normal - When done viewing, select button one on switch plate
I-Pod / MP3 player music (must have audio cable)
- Plug into appropriate audio source (2 or 3) - Select source (2 or 3) from switch plate - Adjust volume - When done, reset source to one.
NOTE: You cannot play ipod/mp3 while viewing screen (source has been switched).

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