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How to edit and create PDF reports in polyplot:

1 In Polyplot, once report is up on screen, click on the export icon (Envelope with red arrow)
2 Pick format: Word for windows document
3 Pick Destination: Disk File, Click OK
4 On left pane choose Network drive (H on 'your computer name') Or other folder in your H drive that you have; we suggest making a folder called PPReports.
5 Click 'Save'
6 On your computer, browse to your H: drive
7 Double click on the report that was just created to open in word

  • If you get an error, do the following to fix it:
  • FILE → Options → Trust Center → Trust Center Settings → File block settings → Un-check 'Word 2 and earlier….' Click OK x2

8 On computer, browse to your H: drive
9 Double click on the report to open in word
10 Edit Document
11 when done, click FILE → Save as.. then choose PDF from the drop down

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