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-The phone system has two main categories, phones and voice-mail Please navigate the links below to find the answers, instruction ​and how-to'​s ​you are looking ​for.+Lowell Area School'​s utilizes a VoIP cloud-based telecommunications product named "​Jive"​. ​ This advanced ​phone service replaces traditional phone equipment; offering a robust suite of communication featuresand easy management from your web browser or mobile app. 
 +  * [[https://​​document/​d/​1aIwwHbRvm3y0r0wgGEwSUs0nXP9V0IEgZn7l6uwMnTA/​edit#​|Everything you need to know on how to use Jive phones and Voice-Mail here at LAS ]] 
 +  * [[https://​​document/​d/​1N7pQ0ngBYu4T9FVqx6PAsi98tejU42KYKSDg87Br-9w/​edit#​heading=h.1ei2oxdbszm8|Sending and receiving faxes via E-mail]] 
 +  * Videos 
 +      * [[https://​​file/​d/​1HZXUUm8kycWP8oOhY-4WZ3rxxWoO21z2/​view?​usp=sharing|Using Web interface with a headset ​to answer ​and transfer calls]] 
 +      * [[https://​​jive/​help/​video-how-to-transfer-a-call-directly-to-voicemail-1-14|How to Transfer a Call Directly to Voicemail (1:14)]] 
 +  * Quick tips: 
 +      * To Transfer a Call Directly to any Voicemail, just add 0 before the extension when you transfer. 
 +      * [[https://​​document/​d/​11ueUeJEdr6bISwcBjma88D4hhusUEZdki5ISxsoIO3M/​edit?​usp=sharing|Instructions ​for how to Transfer Calls - Multiple Methods]] 
 +  * Office Personal information 
 +      * [[https://​​file/​d/​1G39Eu_XfysqeAN0j98_HdzFoaQaR239M/​view?​usp=sharing|Proxy to Groupwise mailboxes for voice mail messages.]] 
 +      * [[https://​​document/​d/​1OhmiEGfhqv8vkIzfkLBmLBudR51nrBP_rERpCpAFbr0/​edit|Access building Attendance and Main Voicemail box]] 
 +Do you have more questions? [[https://​​jive|https://​]]
-  * **[[:​phones|Phones]]** 
-  * **[[:​voice_mail|Voice Mail]]** 
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