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Personal equipment at LAS

At Lowell, we cannot allow certain types of components onto our network without first gaining approval of the tech department.

These devices include wireless printers, wireless cameras, switches or hubs, along with wireless access points. When these devices are placed on our network, they create very “chatty” and disruptive network traffic which dramatically downgrades both our wired and wireless clients. Each LAS owned camera and wireless component is specially setup to segregate and reduce the network traffic from the clients. In addition, several of these devices are consumer grade devices (designed for home use only) and are not designed for a enterprise-level networks. Whereas they may seemingly work when you plug them in, they are in creating congestion to neighboring clients and reducing overall traffic bandwidth.

If you do wish to use a surveillance camera, it must be USB based and not transmitting traffic on over wifi.

This is all in effort to provide the most optimally efficient network infrastructure for our staff and students.

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