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Lowell District used a notification alert system provided by 3rd party company 'One Call Now'. This same system is used for both parent communications and staff communication.

As a staff member, you are responsible for signing yourself up to receive these notifications. You will receive notification of school closure/delay as soon as the Superintendent makes the decision. You can choose your form of notification – call, text, email or all notification methods. You can alter these options at any time.

What do you need to do to sign up?

  1. Launch the Lowell Area Schools website (
  2. Click on Staff to enter the staff section of the District website.
  3. Expand the “One Call Now” area of site.
  4. You must select your assigned to a building/area then click the “Sign-Up.” option. Once your account is set-up you can choose to be part of other buildings (if you are assigned to more than one building). One Call Now will only send 1 message per number – so if you sign-up for more than one building you will not receive multiple calls.
  5. You will be prompted to add an “Invitation Code” For Parents

Alto – 9722
Bushnell – 5554
Cherry Creek – 3215
Murray Lake – 5115
Middle School – 6065
High School – 4397
Unity – 7087
Transportation – 8300
Central Office – 4383

6. You will also be asked to verify your email address and phone number (the prompts will walk you through this process)

For the One Call now mobile device apps, see this website for download info and further instructions →

Principals and district leaders can download the free app to their mobile devices for sending messages to your staff and/or parents. Any staff can download the One Call Now message receiver apps to receive notifications.

For any additional help or question, please contact the LAS Technology Department.

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