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Groupwise Messenger FAQ

You can always launch Groupwise Messenger using the icon found in your Staff Applications.

Messenger provides quick real-time communication with one or more colleges. Groupwise Messenger can be used on mobiles devices and computers.

Messenger is pre-installed onto your LAS staff computer. When you log in to your computer, Messenger will auto-launch and prompt you for your login. (First time you will need to say YES to the certificate question if asked). Once you save your login credentials, it will auto-launch in the background.

If for whatever reason you do not have Messenger installed onto your staff computer, you can install it from your Staff Applications, INSTALLERS folder.

For mobile devices, go to your devices respective app store and search for “Groupwise Messenger” (Made by Micro Focus). After installed and opened, enter your normal network login and password. When setting up the app, the server and the port are on separate lines. For this occurrence, the server = and the port is 8300. If on one line, enter → .

To Download The Messenger Client for Any Device go to → and download the client.

When logging in to the PC,MAC or Linux client, use the following settings (Click ADVANCED to see these settings):

Commonly Ask Questions and How-Tos:

Disabling Messenger Alerts:

Problem: You keep getting GroupWise Messenger alerts on your computer and you wish to disable these.

Solution: To disable alert messages from GroupWise messenger,

1. Log in to GroupWise messenger.
2. From the Tools menu select Options.
3. In the left column select Alerts.
4. Uncheck Display Alert in the Notifications of Events window.
5. Repeat step 4 for any additional Alerts you wish to turn off or on. These will disable Alert messages and notifications that you get when a contact comes online or goes offline

Disable Messenger Auto-Start at Login:

Problem: You do not want Messenger to auto-start when you login however it does.

Solution: Open Messenger, go to Tools - Options then uncheck "Run Novell Messenger when Windows starts" option under the General section. Click OK and then the next time you log in, Messenger will not auto-start.

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