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WiFi at Lowell Schools

LAS-Staff : This Wi-Fi network is for STAFF use only. Use your own normal network login and password when connecting.
LAS-Student : This Wi-Fi network is for STUDENT use only. Use their own normal network login and password when connecting.
LAS-Guest : THIS IS NOT AN OPEN Wi-Fi; Guest Logins MUST Be Requested From The LAS Tech Department Via a Tech Request at least a day prior to the guest arriving.


For all Personal laptops:

Windows 7: follow this link

Windows 8 and 10:follow this link

MAC OS X 10.11 El Capitan or higher:

  • Click on Wi-Fi and choose LAS-Staff or LAS-Students and log in when prompted.

For all Personal ipad, iphone and ipod devices:

1 - Goto the Settings app from the main screen.
2 - Locate Wi-Fi and select appropriate wireless (Wi-Fi) network (ie: LAS-Staff or LAS-Student)
3 - Login with your normal network login (you might have to tap on the LAS-Staff / LAS-Student connection again to see this)
4 - Tap “Accept” when the Certificate pops up.

For all Personal Android devices:

(This is should cover most Android devices, but since they can vary a lot between devices it is just a guideline):

1 - Go into Settings (Gear icon)
2 - Select WiFi
3 - Select the appropriate WiFi (ie: LAS-Staff / LAS-Student) and fill out the following:
4 - For EAP method: Verify it says PEAP
5 - For Phase 2 authentication: Verify it says MSCHAPv2
6 - For CA certificate: Verify it says (Unspecified OR Do not validate)

  • Identity:
  • (your normal network login)
  • Anonymous identity
  • (Leave this blank)
  • Enter password:
  • (Your normal network password)

4 - Tap “Connect”

IF this still does not work, try powering the phone off and try it again.

For Personal ChromeBooks

1 - Click HERE to view an image that shows the correct setting when joining LAS Wi-Fi. You must supply your own LAS network username in the identity field and your password in the password field.

For all LAS-Owned and Manged Technology, Wi-Fi setup will be completed by LAS Technology Department. If you use a LAS owned device and are experiencing connection issues, please fill out a tech request.

1 - On your device, find and connect to LAS-Guest (If asked to 'Set Network Location' in Windows 7 or 8, choose “Work Network”)
2 - Open a web browser (Note: Many devices will auto-launch the browser)
3 - Accept the conditions and at the next screen, enter your Guest Wi-Fi login supplied to you by the LAS Technology Department.

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