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WiFi at Lowell Schools

LAS-Staff : This Wi-Fi network is for STAFF use only. Use your own normal network login and password when connecting.
LAS-Student : This Wi-Fi network is for STUDENT use only. Use their own normal network login and password when connecting.
LAS-Guest : THIS IS NOT AN OPEN Wi-Fi; Guest Logins MUST Be Requested From The LAS Tech Department Via a Tech Request at least a day prior to the guest arriving.


For all Personal laptops:

Windows 7: follow this link

Windows 10 and Windows 8 follow this link

Mac osX 10.11 El Capitan or higher:

  • Click on Wi-Fi and choose LAS-Staff or LAS-Students and log in when prompted.

For all Personal ipad, iphone and ipod devices:

  1. Goto the Settings app from the main screen.
  2. Locate Wi-Fi and select appropriate wireless (Wi-Fi) network (ie: LAS-Staff or LAS-Student)
  3. Login with your normal network login (you might have to tap on the LAS-Staff / LAS-Student connection again to see this)
  4. Tap “Accept” when the Certificate pops up.

For all Personal Android devices:

(This is should cover most Android devices, but since they can vary a lot between devices it is just a guideline):

  1. Go into Settings (Gear icon)
  2. Select WiFi
  3. Select the appropriate WiFi (ie: LAS-Staff / LAS-Student) and fill out the following:
  4. For EAP method: Verify it says PEAP
  5. For Phase 2 authentication: Verify it says MSCHAPv2
  6. For CA certificate: Verify it says (Unspecified OR Do not validate)
    1. Identity:(your normal network login)
    2. Anonymous identity:(Leave this blank)
    3. Enter password:(Your normal network password)
  7. Tap “Connect”

If it still will not connect, locate the wifi connection for LAS and long hold on it, then choose to “Forget network”, then try again.
IF this still does not work, try powering the phone off and try it again.

For Personal ChromeBooks

  1. Click HERE to view an image that shows the correct setting when joining LAS Wi-Fi. You must supply your own LAS network username in the identity field and your password in the password field.

For all LAS-Owned and Manged Technology:

Wi-Fi setup will be completed by LAS Technology Department. If you use a LAS owned device and are experiencing connection issues, please fill out a tech request.


  1. On your device, find and connect to LAS-Guest (If asked to 'Set Network Location' in Windows 7 or 8, choose “Work Network”)
  2. Open a web browser (Note: Many devices will auto-launch the browser)
  3. Accept the conditions and at the next screen, enter your Guest Wi-Fi login supplied to you by the LAS Technology Department.
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