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iPrint (Printers)

At Lowell Area Schools, all our printers are under contract with MOS (Michigan Office Solutions)

Out of toner

Printer jammed or broken.

To install a printer on a Windows computer (iPrint):

  • Follow this link to iprint
    • or Locate and double-click “Lowell Staff Applications” folder on your desktop
    • Locate and double-click iPrint icon
  • Find your printer from the list and click on it
  • Follow the prompts to install and set as the default printer

For PaperCut issues Click Here

Removing Accounting Pop-Up from Printer Click Here

To Print from a Chromebook - STAFF ONLY:

We have a new way to print from chrome devices now.

  • Please follow these instructions:
  • To print the page, image, or document you’re viewing, press Ctrl + p
  • Next to “Destination,” select the Down arrow
  • Select See more…
  • Choose your printer. Choose the one with the skyscraper icon not the printer icon.
    • Once you select a printer, it should remember the last printer you used
  • Only the certain printers are enabled.
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