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iPrint (Printers)

At Lowell Area Schools, all our printers are under contract with MOS (Michigan Office Solutions)

Out of toner

Printer jammed or broken.

To install a printer (iPrint):

  • Follow this link to iprint
    • or Locate and double-click “Lowell Staff Applications” folder on your desktop
    • Locate and double-click iPrint icon
  • Find your printer from the list and click on it
  • Follow the prompts to install and set as the default printer

For PaperCut issues Click Here

Removing Accounting Pop-Up from Printer Click Here

For Chromebook Printing click here: Mobile iprint
* Printers can be install using the iPrint application found in your “Lowell Staff Applications” folder.

  • Once opened, a list of printers is available for you to install.
  • Simply click on the one you want. (If you get a POP-UP message, just click LAUNCH APPLICATION),
  • If you want one to be a “default” printer simply put a check in the box for this option when the install dialog box pops up.
  • If you receive a message saying “To add the printer, the iprint server must be upgraded to the latest version” OR“Your connection is not private”, please see below for the fix.

NOTE: From mobile printing (ie: printing from IOS, Android or Chromebook) search this wiki for 'mobile iprint'

Issue: When logged into your account via your Chrome browser, iPrint for PC computers will give your error messages and not install printers.

Resolution: You need to install the printer(s) from a Chrome session that is NOT logged into your LowellEducation account. Easiest way to do this is to left-click on your Chrome username (located in upper right corner of Chrome browser), and select GUEST. This will open a new Chrome window as Guest, from there you can open the normal iPrint printer page here and install any printers you need. After you installed the printers, you can close the GUEST Chrome browser session and use your LowellEducation session as normal.

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