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Apple iOS Paid apps

Lowell Schools uses a 'Mobile Device Management' system for all our mobile iPad and Android devices. This system allows us to remotely install and manage all apps for each device. This is similar to what we do with all the District's PC computers.

For this to successfully work, we ask that we MUST have all purchased apps (iPad and Android apps) processed through the tech department (via a Tech. Request). We retain a master database of purchased apps and for what devices they belong to. It would be beneficial for us to also be made aware of any favorite free apps that you would like auto-installed onto any ipads. We can then remotely install purchased as well as free apps.

The entire process keeps the administrative overhead of managing iPads at a minimum. Logistically we could wipe each ipad and all prior apps (paid-for and possibly free apps) will auto-reinstall onto the devices. This paves the way for easy setup of all future mobile device as well.

To purchase apps: You will need to fill out a Tech. request and include the following:

  • App Name
  • App Price
  • App Quantity
  • iPad Apple Account Name (ex: ipad4). If you do not have an iPad account for school, the technology department will need to create one for you to use.
  • Account number for payment

The tech department will be in contact with you after the app has been purchased and ready for install.

Schools MUST purchase the app for EACH iPad. Apps may not be shared with more than one device without paying for the app. This is why it is important to use the tech request process for any apps that have a cost. This is in compliance with Apple's Education Volume Purchasing Agreement.

To Find Apps - you can use the Apple Apps Store or there are apps that can do it. Appshopper is a great way to search for apps. It shows you if the app is on sale and it also shows you a price history. Certain apps tend to go on sale at different times of the year.

For further instruction or training on additional settings and uses for the iPad, please fill out a Tech. request.

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