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IPEVO Presenter

This is now the new better way to install this program.

Step 1: Open your chrome browser.
Step 2: Click the “Apps” shortcut on the bookmark bar on the far left.
Step 3: Down in the bottom right click Web Store.
Step 4: Type “ipevo” in the search.
Step 5: Click add to chrome, on the green app that reads “IPEVO Presenter”
Step 6: Once it is installed, it will take you to the chrome app icon, right click the icon and click add shortcut; click Create. You will now be able to launch the program from the desktop.

Notes: Now that you have done this, it will always be added to your chrome.
You will only need to Follow Step 2 and 6 each year after your computer is re-imaged.
Depending on the orientation of your camera you may need to click the rotation button in the App to 180 degrees.

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