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 ===== Teachers ===== ===== Teachers =====
 +Reminder - You should NEVER have to set up your own grade book, if your course is not set up automatically,​ you need to speak with the office staff. DO NOT DO IT BY HAND.
 +  * [[https://​​sis/​Campus.1921/​documentation/​reports-campus-instruction/​|New Report Options in IC]]
   * [[:​ic_how_to_print_report_cards|How to print report cards]]   * [[:​ic_how_to_print_report_cards|How to print report cards]]
   * [[:​ic_behavior_referral|behavior referral]]   * [[:​ic_behavior_referral|behavior referral]]
   * [[:​ic_special_scores|special scores]]   * [[:​ic_special_scores|special scores]]
   * [[:​ic_parent_messages|Parent Messages]]   * [[:​ic_parent_messages|Parent Messages]]
-  * [[:​ic_grading_requirements|grading requirements]]+  * 3rd - 5th Grade [[:​ic_grading_requirements|grading requirements]]
   * [[:​ic_flagged_assignment_report|Flagged assignment report]]   * [[:​ic_flagged_assignment_report|Flagged assignment report]]
   * [[:​ic_progress_reports_elementary|Progress reports for Elementary]]   * [[:​ic_progress_reports_elementary|Progress reports for Elementary]]
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