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   - **Specific problems: ** [[https://​​KBFAQTree.jsp?​menuFlag=ssp|Sysaid FAQ'​s]] (Use the search)   - **Specific problems: ** [[https://​​KBFAQTree.jsp?​menuFlag=ssp|Sysaid FAQ'​s]] (Use the search)
   - **Chat with a live tech: ** [[https://​​ChatEnduserWelcomePage.jsp|Sysaid Chat with a tech]] or Groupwise Messenger   - **Chat with a live tech: ** [[https://​​ChatEnduserWelcomePage.jsp|Sysaid Chat with a tech]] or Groupwise Messenger
-  - **File a Tech. request: ** [[https://​​servicePortal/#​|Sysaid Tech Request]]+  - **File a Tech. request: **Via theicon on your desktop or laptop.
   - **Email: ** [[|]]   - **Email: ** [[|]]
   - <font inherit/​inherit;;#​c0392b;;​inherit>​**Emergencies;​** call Tech support __//​**x2891**//​__</​font>​   - <font inherit/​inherit;;#​c0392b;;​inherit>​**Emergencies;​** call Tech support __//​**x2891**//​__</​font>​
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 ---- ----
-[[|NEW PHONE SYSTEM 2020]]+[[​d/​1ftB0AU3h_5hgs7hu6iJlOSpOO6I7FxOBHW0QTAyKVSs/​edit|Smartpass notifications not working---FIX]] 
 +[[https://​​document/​d/​1_7QAvKUHpXnA8DkZllq5AATEMKZ737Iw-cVOIBrAICs/​edit|Clever Setup guide]] 
 +[[:​chromebooks|BYOD, 1-2-1, Virtual Chromebook answers to your questions]]
 [[https://​​document/​d/​1N7pQ0ngBYu4T9FVqx6PAsi98tejU42KYKSDg87Br-9w/​edit#​|FAX FROM YOUR PHONE IS NOW AVAILABLE!]] [[https://​​document/​d/​1N7pQ0ngBYu4T9FVqx6PAsi98tejU42KYKSDg87Br-9w/​edit#​|FAX FROM YOUR PHONE IS NOW AVAILABLE!]]
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