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-  - On your computer, click the Start menu {{https://​​support-kms-prod/​A628E5F8B1D34B5B9865243BB21B5352CD22?​nolink&​autox18|Start menu}}+  - On your computer, click the **Start menu.** 
-  - Click Settings ​{{https://​​snsP5-ODgFFqVJhxS5La7OAqsAmO-GwYWWERMFPW5R4MXcxp0zUZ5Bq6lRFqrvk92lA=w18-h18?​nolink&​18x18|Settings}}+  - Click **Settings**(Gear icon) 
-  - Open your default apps: +  - Click **Apps** 
-      * Click Apps {{https://​​nHFGZ_9xjCh-mP83zMzXQVJF5VYf2n6kwoBIxB2zv3V4VPT4gNTtBye8lYznogLqLPY=w13-h18?​nolink&​13x18|and then}} ​**Default apps**. +  ​On the left pane, click** Default apps**. 
-  - At the top, under "​Email"​ click the ++  - At the top, under "**Email**" click the **+**
   - In the "​Choose an app" window, click **Groupwise MAILTO Protocol Handler**   - In the "​Choose an app" window, click **Groupwise MAILTO Protocol Handler**
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