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GroupWise Junk Mail Handling – Best Practices

NOTE: As of September 2013, the JunkMail handling settings listed below are the default GroupWise Client settings and are automatically set for you. Lowell does NOT use the GroupWise JunkMail folder and therefore you will not receive any 'junk’ type email in a 'JunkMail’ folder. Like-wise, users will typically not receive any legitimate SPAM in your InBox other than rare occurrence of 0-day SPAM email.

If you are receiving lot's of legitimate type SPAM (meaning real companies soliciting you) then you should unsubscribe from their mailings in order to stop receiving them. All legitimate solicitation and marketing emails by law must have a way to unsubscribe. Typically this is shown in small print at the bottom of emails.

Question: Where is the Junk Mail folder, how is SPAM controlled?
Answer: LAS GroupWise users will no longer receive any junk type email, spam or legitimate email in a Junk Mail folder. All legitimate email will go into your Mailbox folder (as it should). Any SPAM will no longer be delivered to a Junk Mail folder but rather stopped at the server level before it reaches you. Users will typically not receive any legitimate SPAM in your InBox other than rare occurrence of 0-day SPAM email.

Question: Why are these settings now the recommended method (as opposed to pre-2013 years)?
Answer: In early 2010, Lowell implemented advanced spam prevention that effectively blocks 99% of spam. Spoofed email has also been all but eliminated as well. Since there is no 100% cure for spam, there will always be zero-day spam, however this is rare. LAS encourages our users to UNsubscribe to legit emails that people otherwise may feel is spam. All legit email subscription services can easily be unsubscribed to and therefore you no longer will receive these emails. Unsubscribe links are usually found in small print at the bottom of emails. This in return cuts down on our daily email traffic flow and improved our overall performance as well as controlling you inbox flow.

Question: What can I do about emails that I feel I should be getting but am not.
Answer: All blocked emails are quarantined at the server level. These are periodically checked for blocked legit type emails and if found, corrected. While rare, it can happen that legit emails do sometimes get blocked. Usually this is from the sending server's IP gets blacklisted for sending spam or the end users home computer is infected with malware. In the event that emails are blocked please submit a Tech Request and we will correct the issue.

Question: I don't want emails that are coming into my inbox, I need to right click and manually block them right?
Answer: No - not really. Almost always, emails received are legit email subscription services that you somehow joined onto, even if you are unaware that you signed up for these. We recommend that you unsubscribe to them if you do not want them anymore. If your getting true spam emails regularly in your inbox please contact the LAS Tech group as something more sever may be going on that can be corrected.

Question: I still get emails that I don't know the senders or I never subscribed to their mailings, what gives?
Answer: More often than not, they are legit companies that are solicilating you because your name (email address) is on their mailing list. Usually these list are purchased and sold from various companies. At the very bottom the emails you will typically see something along the lines of “Exclude me from future mailings” or “Unsubscribe”. You just need to click that and follow any instructions. You will then be removed from their mailing list. As far HOW and WHY you get these emails, there can be several reasons. Common ways are signing up for similar types of subscription services, related topic conferences, webinars etc. Often times your email address is even sold to competitive companies. What you must know is that it is U.S. law that all of these sender must have a way for you to remove your email address from their list.

For further assistance and explanations – feel free to contact your LAS Tech Support Group.
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