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Publishing and Subscribing - GroupWise Calendars on the Internet

This article describes the ability of viewing, publishing and subscribing Groupwise calendars on the Internet. Groupwise calendar publishing allows Groupwise and non-Groupwise users to view calendars in any web browser via a published web link. Alternatively, many 3rd party calendars apps can import any published Groupwise calendars. You can pick and choose which Groupwise calendars can be published as well as what events people can see. This feature can be used by staff, parents and community to view scheduled events, post available resources as well as check on scheduling conflicts.

A note about security: In Groupwise none of your calendar or mailbox is shared or available to another user unless you grant them access. Your calendar is your calendar. And Groupwise is very secure, assuring your privacy. But there are times when its good to share. Remember that any publish calendar is read only access and nobody but you (and other delegated proxy users) can edit your data.

How to Publish a Personal Calendar:
* - You can publish any personal add-on calendar. As a security measure you cannot publish your primary Groupwise Calendar. You must create a new calendar ( or use an existing non-primary calendar) and name it (such as 'My Public Calendar“ or 'XYZ Building Events').

1 - Within your Groupwise Client, in the Calendar Folder List (usually left side pane), right-click the calendar you want to publish, then select Publish.
2 - In the new pop-up window, again select “Publish this calendar”.
3 - Select one of the following options for the time period:

  • Entire calendar: Publishes the 7 previous days through the next 180 days of your calendar.
  • Previous: Publishes a range of days that you select. By default, publishes 7 previous days through the next 30 days of your calendar.

4 - Select Include private items to include private items.

  • If this option is not selected, items that are marked Private are never displayed, even if the items are in sub-calendars where this option is selected.

5 - To send someone a link to your published calendar, click Send Publish Location.

  • If you click Send Publish Location, a new email message is opened with a link for viewing and subscribing to your calendar. Select who you want to send the message to, then click Send. IMPORTANT: THIS EMAIL IS HOW OTHERS KNOW THE LINKS TO VIEW OR SUBSCRIBE TO YOUR CALENDAR(S). These links can be published to any website for public use.

6 - Click OK. (You can always return here to modify settings, re-send invitations or unpublish a calendar)

How to Subscribe to any published Internet Calendar (both Groupwise and non-Groupwise published Calendars):

  • - Users from other email systems can often post their calendars to the Internet for others to utilize (such as Google Calendars). When you subscribe to an Internet calendar, a new calendar is created in your Folder List. You can also specify how often you want Groupwise to update the Internet calendar’s contents. (defaults to daily)

1 - In the Folder List, right-click the main Groupwise calendar, then click Subscribe.
2 - In the Location field, type the URL of the Internet calendar you are subscribing to.
3 - In the Folder Name field, type the folder name for the new Internet calendar.
4 - In the Update Frequency drop-down list, select how often you want the calendar contents to be updated.
5 - Click Subscribe.

Alternatively you can very easily subscribe to any published calendar using the links from the email generated in step #5 of the “How to Publish a Personal Calendar:” section above. Below is an example of the email that is generated:

Eric Stanek has invited you to subscribe to the 'Technology Event Calendar' Internet Calendar.

To subscribe to 'Technology Event Calendar', click on the following Web address:

To import 'Technology Event Calendar', click on the following Web address:

To preview 'Technology Event Calendar', click on the following Web address:

How to import Google Calendars into Groupwise - click link if video does not load below


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