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GroupWise Proxy

For a how to document with pictures, click here;→gw_calendar_and_proxy_access.pdf

Giving proxy rights to others for your calendar

(allows others to view your calendar. You choose who you want to view your calendar, this is not done through an administrative right feature.)

  1. Start the GroupWise program. (It does not matter what view you are in)
  • To share your PERSONAL calendar, skip to step 2. below.
  • To share another Calendar you own (other than your personal calendar), select that calendar at this point.
  1. Select the Tools menu from the menu bar.
  2. Select Options under the Tools menu.
  3. Double-click on the Security icon from the choices that appear.
  4. Select the Proxy Access tab from the security dialog box.
  5. Click on the Address Book icon to the right on the name box. (Make sure the Novell GroupWise Address Book is selected)
  6. Find the name or names of the individuals you wish to give access to your calendar. You can access names quickly by typing the first couple of letters in the person’s name. Double-click on the name so it appears on the right hand side of your screen. As you select individuals their names will appear in the list to the right.
  7. Click OK on the left side of the dialog box. If you do not select OK you will need to repeat the above steps.
  8. Select each person in your list and determine the Rights you wish to give him or her. Write access allows an individual to change your calendar. Read access allows an individual to simply view your calendar. You will most likely only give Read rights.
  9. Click OK and close the window.

Viewing Other Individual’s Calendars

The building secretaries have set up various calendars that you will have read rights to (Activities, Seminar, Conference Rooms, etc.). You will only be able to view other’s calendars if they give you proxy rights as in the above section.

  1. Start GroupWise.
  2. Click the drop down arrow next to ONLINE. The list of names appearing below this are users for whom you already have Proxy access.
  3. Choose the calendar you want to view and it will replace the current calendar you are viewing. You can change from calendar to calendar by selecting the icon in the lower left corner of your GroupWise screen or you have the option of viewing multiple calendars at one time by using the Multi-User view below.

Adding Other Individual’s Calendars

  1. Start GroupWise.
  2. Click the drop down arrow next to ONLINE. The list of names appearing below this are users for whom you already have Proxy access.
  3. To add a new user to the list, someone who has just granted you access, click on the word Proxy.
  4. Inside the Proxy box, click on the NAME box. Type (or select from the ADDRESS BOOK) the name of the user who has granted you proxy access. Click OK. That name will be added to the PROXY list that appears below ONLINE.
  5. Click on the calendar you wish to be able to view.
  6. Click OK.
  • You should repeat sets 2-6 for all calendars you wish to have access to. You do not have to view all calendars at once, but you should set up all calendars that you will want to view in the future.
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