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Managing frequent contacts

Managing your Frequent Contacts within your Groupwise eMail Client. Frequent Contacts is system created 'book of addresses' that is located within your Groupwise clients' address book. Frequent Contacts can be a big time saver, but can also create some problems if not managed properly. Ideally Frequent Contacts will make it so you only have to type in one or two letters of the name of a person you send mail to all the time, to bring up the name. Addresses that are contained within your Frequent Contacts are automatically white-listed as well, meaning they will not go into your JunkMail folder – even if they are spam. If you find that names are not coming up properly, you’re receiving a lot of spam in your InBox (especially from co-workers or even your own email address), or you notice other odd addressing behavior it might be time to clean out your frequent contacts. Below are the instructions for cleaning out your Frequent Contacts as well as instructions for modifying the settings for your Frequent Contacts.

Cleaning out your Frequent Contacts

  • You may want to do this as often as once a week.
  1. Go to the Address Book.
  2. Click on the Frequent Contacts tab.
  3. Select any entries you want to remove. Select multiple contiguous entries with shift-click. Select multiple non-contiguous entries with ctrl-click.
  4. Click the Remove button.
  5. Repeat until you have removed all but your most frequent contacts.
  6. Or to delete all items in your Frequent Contacts, choose Sellect All from the Edit menu and then click remove.

Setting your Frequent Contacts Options

  1. Go to the Address Book.
  2. Click on the Frequent Contacts tab.
  3. Select Properties from the File menu.
  4. Click on the Options tab.
  • You can turn Auto-saving off if you don't want GroupWise to automatically add entries to your Frequent Contacts . You can still use Frequent Contacts, but you'll have to add recipients manually. This could be a good option if you only have a few frequent contacts and they remain the same. Disabling Frequent Contacts will greatly reduce the amount of spam you receive that is falsely addressed from people you know and trust.
  • You may want to disable Save addresses of items that are received. With this on you'll probably end up with lots of addresses you don't want in your Frequent Contacts. If you do leave this on, you can choose one of the options to limit which addresses to save. Remember to often clean up your addresses if you do choose to leave this on. For best spam reduction, do not select this option.
  • Save address of items that are sent is probably the most useful setting. Once again you can limit this to just internal or external addresses if you prefer. For best spam reduction, set this to external (Internet) sources only.
  • We recommend setting Delete addresses not referenced within time period. This will help make sure that the people in your Frequent Contacts are really frequent contacts. You can adjust the time period as desired.
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