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GroupWise Calendar

The GroupWise calendar is an efficient time management and organizational tool. The calendar feature allows you to schedule appointments, accept appointments from others, and add notes and tasks for yourself. Another wonderful feature the calendar has is that you have the ability to allow others to view your calendar and you have the ability to view others calendars. In order to do this you must set up proxy rights for those individuals you wish to allow to view your calendar and you must also set up your calendar so you can view other calendars. It is important that if you are viewing other calendars that you are aware of which calendar you have on screen. Do not confuse your personal calendar with another person’s calendar. Remember you can access your calendar at home by going to

To view your calendar simply click on Calendar on the left hand side of your screen. You should now see your calendar on the right hand side of your screen.

You now have the option of viewing your calendar by day, week, month, or year. Make your selection.

Scheduling an Appointment For Yourself
There are many ways to schedule an appointment depending on which view you are in. If you are viewing your calendar by day, (make sure you are on the day the appointment will take place) week, month, or year simply double-click on the hour the appointment will begin and fill out the dialog box with the Subject, Start date and Time, and the Duration for the appointment.

Scheduling an Appointment with Others
You can schedule an appointment with others and it will be sent to both their e-mail and be posted to their calendar. However they must either accept or decline the appointment before it is actually scheduled.
You can be in either your mailbox or calendar to schedule an appointment.
- Click on the Schedule New Appointment icon on the toolbar.

  1. The appointment dialog box will appear.
  2. Type in the subject of the appointment. Ex: staff meeting, parent meeting, doctor appointment, etc.
  3. Type in the location of the appointment.
  4. Type in the start date and time of the appointment. (you can use the clock icon to the right of the start time and duration time)
  5. Type in the duration of the appointment.
  6. You can also add any notes or attachments you may need for the appointment.
  7. Click Post.

Accepting or Declining an Appointment **
Individuals have the ability to set up appointments with you simply by sending and e-mail message as an appointment instead of just as a message. It is your choice to either accept or decline the appointment. An unaccepted appointment will appear in italics on your calendar.

· Accept or decline an appointment either by answering through your e-mail or through your calendar.
· Open the appointment as you would a normal e-mail message and click on the accept or decline button on the right side of your screen.
· If the appointment is accepted, it will automatically be scheduled into your calendar. If the appointment is declined it will be sent back to the sender.
· You have the option of typing a note as to why you have declined the appointment.
· If you are viewing your calendar and an appointment appears in italics this means you have not yet accepted the appointment.
· Double-click on the italicized appointment and accept or decline the appointment as mentioned above.
· If you decline an appointment you have the choice of typing in the reason why you cannot make it, or just simply to decline it without a reason.

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