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Groupwise program at home

As a new convenience, you can use the GroupWise Client program on a PC or MAC from OUTSIDE our district. This can be setup on any laptops or home computer. It allows access to GroupWise using the actual client rather than only webaccess, terminal services or your GWMobile phone app.

To create this shortcut on a PC:

1 - Preliminary Step, If You Do Not Already Have GroupWise Installed ::→ Download file and Install GroupWise Client from here (Download the GroupWise Client 2018 1-Click Install or the 2018 Full Install, they both will work ) After file downloads, locate it and click or double-click it to launch)

2 - Once installed, Right-Click on your desktop and choose 'New > Shortcut'

3 - For the prompt saying “Type the location of the item”, put in grpwise /ipa- /ipp-1677

4 - Click Next, then Give it an identifiable name such as “OutSide-GroupWise”

5 - double-click your new shortcut, put in your normal username / password and thats it. GroupWise should launch.

* If you already have Groupwsie Client install (ie: it is a district owned laptop, just follow steps 1-3)

Mac users can do the same thing using a similar method using the PC instructions as a close guide. For the MAC install, please download the GroupWise 8.0.2 client here →

Linux users can also obtain the Linux 8.0.2 Groupwise Client from

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