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At Lowell Area Schools, we utilize an e-mail program called GroupWise. This will be your main form of communication within the building. All memo’s, phone messages, notes, appointments, etc. will be done via e-mail. It is extremely important that you check your e-mail daily. All staff e-mail addresses are available on the district’s web site, which means parents will have access. Remember, the district is providing this program and e-mail address and it should be used primarily for school business. Proper and appropriate use of the district e-mail system should be followed. Do not use the e-mail system to sell personal items or use as an advertisement tool unless you are using the “LAS Garage Sale” group.

  • At WORK GroupWise should only be accessed by double-clicking the icon on the desktop
  • At HOME GroupWise can be accessed through Web Access here:
  • Having Web Access problems at home? Find answers HERE
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