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At Lowell Area Schools, we utilize an e-mail program called GroupWise. This will be your main form of communication within the building. All memo’s, phone messages, notes, appointments, etc. will be done via e-mail. It is extremely important that you check your e-mail daily. All staff e-mail addresses are available on the district’s web site, which means parents will have access. Remember, the district is providing this program and e-mail address and it should be used primarily for school business. Proper and appropriate use of the district e-mail system should be followed. Do not use the e-mail system to sell personal items or use as an advertisement tool unless you are using the “LAS Garage Sale” group.

Install Groupwise at home (2020 updated instructions)


Groupwise looks different, how can I change it back or learn about the new features?

There are a lot of great new features to GW 18, they just take a moment to get used to how they work. The biggest change is the quick response bar at the bottom of emails. This feature ALWAYS defaults to reply all. It does not matter if you select reply or reply all. We suggest that you ALWAYS hover over the “heads” to view the recipients. The arrow to the right will allow you to edit the recipients.

  • To be safe, you should TURN OFF CONVERSATION THREADING

Julie's What's New Video

Watch the "What's new?" Video - Official Video

Watch the "What is conversation threading" Video - Official Video

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