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Google Apps for Education

Lowell Area Schools and Google have partnered up to provide Google Apps – Education Edition.
Google Apps for Education allows schools to create their own private space within the Google universe. This private space is hidden from the rest of the world, so it becomes a safe and secure place for students to use Google applications like Docs, Calendar, Mail, Video and more.

How it Works:

  • Everyone with a LAS network account has been given a new Google Apps for Education account in our domain.
    • Note: This domain is different from the school's main internet domain,
  • Staff account names will be their Novell login + (ie:
    • Note: This account is separate from any other email or Google account you may have. This account will allow students to share work, and for you to share items with your students, separate from your personal email and/or Google account.
  • Student account names will be their current student ID + (ie:

Google-Apps email will NOT replace your normal Groupwise email. With Google-Apps, you now have TWO email accounts. Groupwise is <user> (only staff have this) and your Google-Apps GMail is <user> (both staff and students have this).


Google Apps offers many advantages for students and teachers. Here are a few:

  • Staff and Students have unlimited storage.
  • Staff and Students use a standard set of communication and collaboration tools.
  • A web-based word processor, spreadsheet and presentation apps accessible wherever the student can get on the Internet.
  • No wrestling with ancient file formats or incompatible word processors. No extra software for families to buy to allow the student to do school work.
  • Students share documents with you instead of printing them. Saves paper, filing, carrying them about etc.
  • No need to worry about flash drives or disks or where the student will save a file. The student can also upload other kinds of files (besides Google docs) to their Google Docs space.
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