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Gmail Groups

If you want to email your whole class at one time or invite them all to Google Classroom, it is a good idea to create a contact group.

Elementary - you can pretend to “send” an email to all of your students at one time. Before you send the email, high light and copy all of the names in the “to” area. Paste this into the contact box.

Middle School - ask for help in obtaining a list of your email addresses

High School - use the email addresses listed in the High School Data folder

Before you start, copy email address for the desired contact group

To Create a Contact Group

Go to Gmail

  1. Switch from Mail to Contacts (top left corner)
  2. On left hand side, find “New Group”
  3. Name Group (Make the name so it will auto populate easily)
  4. Click on new group name on the left

Add Students to Group

  1. Make sure you are on the newly created group on left
  2. Go to the picture of the Head+ at the top of the page
  3. Paste email addresses into this box'
  4. Select Add
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