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Technology policies and guidelines

General technology policies and guidelines

  • Passwords: Do not give your password out to students or substitutes for either the network or Infinite Campus. If you feel that someone knows your password, fill out a Tech. request to have it changed.
  • Student Access: Do not allow students to use your account under any circumstances. You are responsible for any and all activity that occurs on your account.
  • Software Installs/Downloads: If you wish to use curriculum based software, contact the tech department before purchasing to make sure of the requirements. No unauthorized software will be installed on LAS computers. If you have questions concerning this, please see your building technician or tech rep.
  • Inappropriate Use of e-mail: GroupWise e-mail accounts are provided by the district for educational use. Please limit your personal use of the GroupWise system.
  • Personal printers, scanners or other peripherals brought in from home or without approval can not be used within the District.

For the most up to date technology policies, please refer to LAS Board Policies, located on our district's website or by request from Central Office.

Specific technology policies and guidelines

Equipment Donations:
Lowell Area Schools is always willing to entertain donations from individuals or businesses. However, the District will only accept those items that meet certain minimum requirements. These requirements help maintain operating standards that will allow students and staff to function in a productive manner.

The Technology Department recognizes that donated equipment, although “free,” has costs associated with its inspection, setup, maintenance, operation, and disposal. The investment that Lowell Area Schools makes on donated equipment must be based upon sound educational decisions that enhance, rather than hinder the instructional program.

1. Donor will contact the Technology Department.
2. The Technology Department will review, and the donor will be notified if approved or denied.
3. If approved, donor may complete a donation form that will go to the Board of Education for official acceptance/approval.
4. Approved equipment will be scheduled for delivery/pick-up.
5. Once accepted by the Board of Education, LAS is responsible for support, maintenance, etc. If this process is not followed, the Technology Department will not be able to support the item(s), and it will not be allowed on the district’s network.

Computer hardware and software donations will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

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