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Micro Focus (Novell) Filr:

Filr lets you access and work with your LAS files in several ways:

  • === Access all your network files in multiple ways, including from any web browser, or from a mobile device app. Available network files are items from your H-Drive or any of your buildings shared drives (I drive) . You can even access all your LAS documents from home without needing to be at work. ===
  • === Share files with your co-workers and grant them specific rights to the files. For example, you can share a file and give User A Read-Only access, then share the same file and give User B Edit access. You can easily see what has been shared with you and what you have shared within Filr. ===
  • === Collaborate: Make comments on a file. All users with access can see your comments and make comments of their own. ===

**Important things to know:**

  1. === When you login to Filr, the “My Files” section is your H-Drive files and folders. The “Net Folders” in your I-Drive, aka your buildings shared drive. ===
  2. === Lowell Schools's Filr address is → (address must include the :8443 portion) ===
  3. === Filr application is currently only available for STAFF. ===
  4. === If you ever need any help on how to use FILR, you can always contact your tech department and we will gladly help ! ===

Accessing Filr from a Mobile Device

  1. Download “Filr” app from your devices app store.
  2. Login using your network username and password along with the server = .
  3. If you see the image below, you MUST click CONTINUE to accept the certificate.
  4. === If you see the image below, you need to REMOVE the https: from the address and just have ===

    === Detailed Instructions for using and navigating the Filr Mobile App can be found HERE ===

    Accessing Filr from a Web Browser
    === To access Filr from a Web browser anywhere in the world: === - === Launch a Web browser (such as Chrome or Internet Explorer). === - === Go to the URL (if you get a security risk or 'a message saying Your connection is not private', click to proceed and continue to site) === - === Login using your network username and password. === === Getting to Know the Filr Web Interface ===

    Supported Devices:

    The Filr app is supported on the following mobile devices:
    * iOS phones and tablets for iOS 5.x or later (the native app is available as a free download in the Apple App Store) * Android phones and tablets for Android 2.3 or later (the native app is available as a free download in the Google Play App Store, the Amazon Appstore for Android, and the Samsung Knox Apps store) * The BlackBerry PlayBook and Z10 (the native application is available in the BlackBerry World app store). BlackBerry setup steps are the same as for Android devices
    The Filr app cannot display files of the following type that are larger than 20 MB on iOS devices and 2 MB on Android devices:
    * Text files (such as .txt, .odt, .pdf, and so forth) * HTML files
    To view these files, you need to open the file in a third-party app, as described in Editing or Viewing a File in an External Application.
    Because viewing a file within Filr consumes data (when using a mobile service provider), a warning is shown if you attempt to view a file over 5 MB in size.
    When connected to Wi-Fi, a warning is shown if you attempt to view a file over 50 MB in size on iOS devices, because the process can be time-consuming.
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