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Computer Lab Guidelines

The procedure for lab usage is as follows:

  1. No food or drinks allowed.
  2. Sign up for the labs in Google Calendar (adding Room to your Calendar event.)
  3. Use LanSchool to monitor, control and shutdown the lab computers.
  4. Computer use privileges are limited to currently registered students only; students must have an authorized account to access lab computer systems, by signing and turned in an acceptable use policy form.
  5. Students have access to headphone jacks from the sound card; students must provide their own headphones.
  6. Make sure your students are under supervision at all times. Even though our system has blocking software, you must still watch students on the web as nothing will block all inappropriate sites.
  7. If students cannot remember their passwords you will have to look it up for them in Infinite Campus.
  8. For security reasons, please do not leave the computer logged on when you leave the area. Someone else could then use your login making you responsible for their actions.
  9. If you encounter problems while you are in the lab please fill out a tech. request.
  10. Monitor all print jobs. Please make sure your students are aware of the proper printer they need to print to.
  11. When done, verify that computers and monitors are off and all lab doors are closed and locked.

Additional High School Lab Information

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