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   * **FAQ**   * **FAQ**
       * **[[:​mobile_iprint|How do I print from a Chromebook]]**       * **[[:​mobile_iprint|How do I print from a Chromebook]]**
-      *  [[https://​​share/​45997e7109f148f2a265e78837a4d7f9|How to bookmark google classroom]]+      * [[https://​​document/​d/​1woEJbfB5UDUZSMh13eUxDYstilnO32ysBIu7aX55VrM/​edit|How to "​Forget"​ Guest WiFi]] 
 +      * [[https://​​share/​45997e7109f148f2a265e78837a4d7f9|How to bookmark google classroom]]
       * **[[https://​​chrome/​answer/​2364824?​hl=en&​co=GENIE.Platform=Desktop|How to sync your chrome account**]]**       * **[[https://​​chrome/​answer/​2364824?​hl=en&​co=GENIE.Platform=Desktop|How to sync your chrome account**]]**
       * **[[:​chrome_bookmarks|How do I add Bookmarks to Chrome or Chromebooks]]**       * **[[:​chrome_bookmarks|How do I add Bookmarks to Chrome or Chromebooks]]**
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