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-====== Avaya Message Manager ====== 
-**Receiving notification of new messages** \\ 
-When you are logged in, Message Manager can notify you of new messages as follows.\\ 
-Note: Any messages that you leave in your New folder continue to activate your new message indication (raised Message Manager flag or lit message-waiting lamp) until you delete them or move them to another folder. Login announcements cannot be moved, but they do not continue to activate new-message indication. 
-  * Mailbox icon: The mailbox icon shows a raised flag and a letter in the mailbox if you have messages in the New folder, or a lowered flag and any empty mailbox if you have no new messages. This icon appears on the lower left of the Message Manager main screen, on the task bar if Message Manager is locked or minimized, or in the tool tray if that option is set. 
-  * New Message Alerting: Set this option to activate a pop-up message box, beep, or tool tray notification when the server detects new messages. Set these options on the General Options screen. 
-  * Outcalling: If activated, the Avaya messaging server can call you if you have new (or new priority) messages. Outcalling is the only type of new message notification available if Message Manager is closed or if you are working offline. 
-  - The Avaya messaging server must be administered to check for new messages for these notification options to work. Most servers notify Message Manager when they detect new messages. 
-**Playing a message:** \\ You can listen to voice messages in two ways: 
-  - You can play messages over the telephone using an audio connection. 
-  - If you have a sound card, you can play messages through your computer. 
-To play the voice part of a message on the main screen: 
-  - Double-click the Audio media icon in the message list or 
-  - Select the desired message in the message list, then either: 
-  - Press Enter or Right-click and select Play Voice or Click Play on the audio palette or click Play in the expanded message display or Press Ctrl+F5. 
-Anything you need to know or are unsure about, CLICK on the HELP FILE in Voice Mail Messenger and all the steps to any question is there. 
-{{tag>​Avaya voice voice_mail message}} 
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