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Windows display settings

  • Do not use Projector only or Monitor only settings, it may mess up your display settings.
  • We recommend using Extend almost all the time if not 100% of the time; however, in a rare instance where you need to change it, see below:

Changing your display settings:

Duplicate: (You need this setting if you have an EPSON interactive white board) this means that your screen is THE SAME as what the kids see. This is good for typing notes together, exploring websites, working directly with students the whole time.
duplicate.jpg Use this icon on your desktop to duplicate (Clone) your display onto the projector screen.

Extend (recommended) - this means that your screen is DIFFERENT than what the kids see. This is great for showing videos, showing notes etc. This will allow you to take attendance or view email privately.
dispextend.jpgUse this icon on your desktop to go back to the default extended display mode.

Moving your windows around in Windows

  1. You can drag windows over to the screen and back using your mouse by grabbing the bar at the top of the window.
  2. You can use the keyboard combo shortcut to move active windows back and forth using the right OR left arrow keys.
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