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WiFi at Lowell Schools


For all Personal iPad and iPhone devices:

For all Personal Android devices

(This should cover most Android devices, but since they can vary a lot between devices it is just a guideline):

  1. Click on Wi-Fi and choose _Lowell-wifi-START-HERE
    • Choose Staff or Student
    • Log in when prompted with your normal network login.
    • When prompted, download and install the Cloudpath Application via Local Download or through the Play Store.
    • If the Cloudpath App fails, close the app and click on the Lowell-wifi-START-HERE wifi and log in again.
    • If you run into any other troubles during the process, go to your wifi settings and 'forget' the START-HERE network and then click on it again.
    • In some scenarios, we have seen it where 4th time connecting is the charm.

For guests visiting our facilities:

  1. Click on Wi-Fi and choose _Lowell-wifi-START-HERE
    • Choose Guest
    • Choose authentication method.
    • Pass is good for 24 hours

For Lowell Employees or Students' Personal laptops:

For Lowell Employees or Students' Personal Chromebooks:

For all LAS-Owned and Managed Laptops:

Wi-Fi setup will be completed by LAS Technology Department. If you use a LAS owned device and are experiencing connection issues, please fill out a tech request.

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