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 +Your Lowell Technology Team
 +|  Tech. Director \\ Network Administrator| ​  \\ Instructional Technology| ​ Desktop Support \\ End User Support| ​ Device Support \\ End User Support|
 +|**Eric** |**Julie** |**Jason** |**Jack** |
 Get HELP by following the flow below. Get HELP by following the flow below.
   - **General questions:​** [[http://​|Tech Wiki]] (you are here, try a search)   - **General questions:​** [[http://​|Tech Wiki]] (you are here, try a search)
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   - **File a Tech. request: ** [[https://​​servicePortal/#​|Sysaid Tech Request]]   - **File a Tech. request: ** [[https://​​servicePortal/#​|Sysaid Tech Request]]
   - **Email: ** [[|]]   - **Email: ** [[|]]
-  - **Last resort;​** ​ call Tech support x2891 +  - <​font ​inherit/inherit;;#c0392b;;​inherit>​**Emergencies;​** call Tech support __//**x2891**//__</font>
-<​font ​28px/inherit;;#ff0000;;​inherit>​**Welcome Back 2019-2020**</font>​[[https:​//​1Fp-leqKrbytw8mIAs__kWCvP5eM1B2oWAwIjPK-X5eA/​edit?​usp=sharing|Click this link to the document that you need to read]]+
----- +​​​​{{:​hot-topics-icon.jpg?​nolink&​500x154|hot-topics-icon.jpg}}
- +
 ---- ----
-<font 18px/inherit;;#​ff0000;;​inherit>​**Groupwise **</font>​looks different, how can I change it back or learn about the new features?+[[​phones_voicemail|NEW PHONE SYSTEM 2020]]
-  * There are a lot of great new features to GW 18, they just take a moment to get used to how they work. The biggest change is the quick response bar at the bottom of emails. This feature **ALWAYS defaults to reply all**. It does not matter if you select reply or reply all. We suggest that you ALWAYS hover over the "​heads"​ to view the recipients. The arrow to the right will allow you to edit the recipients. +[[​document/d/1N7pQ0ngBYu4T9FVqx6PAsi98tejU42KYKSDg87Br-9w/edit#|FAX FROM YOUR PHONE IS NOW AVAILABLE!]]
- +
-[[​file/d/1XLowX867lCrRuPODWqsUEoAbtJK18IWn/​view?​usp=sharing|Julie'​s What's New Video]] +
- +
-[[https://​​watch?​v=1lgFM5BcxRU|Watch the "​What'​s new?" Video]] +
- Official Video +
- +
-[[https://​​watch?​v=Y_hu-ZxO04k|Watch the "What is conversation threading"​ Video]] +
- - Official Video +
- +
 ---- ----
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 ---- ----
-<font 14px/​Arial,​Helvetica,​sans-serif;;​null;;​inherit>​**Youtube** videos being **blocked**?</​font> ​ - [[|In Chrome, you must be signed ​in AND have syncing data turned on.]]+[[​products/chrome/saying-goodbye-flash-chrome/|Saying goodbye to Flash in Chrome]]
 ---- ----
-[[​d/​1umC3uKPhamq_ruBJQjK7H_Gl9r2Fca4zToOGFDykrqs/​edit|I don't have all my icons or Network drives and the login screen looked different ​]](A Reboot didn't fix it)+[[|{{:​stucco-twitter-64px.png?​nolink&​64x64}}]] Follow us to stay informed
----- +\\
- +
-[[https://​​LAS_Technology|{{:​stucco-twitter-64px.png?​nolink&​64x64}}]] Follow us to stay informed+
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