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 ---- ----
-  - INSTALL+  - **INSTALL**
       - Open Lowell Staff Applications folder {{:​applicationlauncher.jpg?​nolink&​86x99|applicationlauncher.jpg}}       - Open Lowell Staff Applications folder {{:​applicationlauncher.jpg?​nolink&​86x99|applicationlauncher.jpg}}
-      - Locate and doubleclick ​the INSTALL ExacqVision icon {{:​exacqvision1.jpg?​nolink&​150x142|exacqvision1.jpg}} +      - Locate and double click the INSTALL ExacqVision icon {{:​exacqvision1.jpg?​nolink&​150x142|exacqvision1.jpg}} 
-      - Follow the prompts ​(CHECK THE BOX FOR CREATE ​DESKTOP ​ICON) +      - Follow the prompts…. Click Next. 
-      - Launch Exacqvison +      - Accept the EULA…. Click Next. 
-      - Quit the program (This is very importantor it will not save the info in the next steps and you will have to re enter that info again+      - Click Next. 
-      - Launch ​ExacqVison ​from the desktop icon +      - **UNCHECK THE BOX "Run ExacqVision Client"​**Click Finish 
-      - Check the boxes next to the two servers ​ ​and (If you don ont see themuse the FIND button and enter the numbers there+      - Launch Exacqvison ​from the desktop icon. 
-      - Scroll down and click "Add Selected"​ {{:​exacqvision25.jpg?​nolink&​187x128|exacqvision25.jpg}} +      - **Quit the program ​**  ​(If you dont closeout, it will not save the info in the next steps and you will have to re-enter that info) 
-      - When prompted: Log on{{:exacqvision3.jpg?​nolink&​350x214|exacqvision3.jpg}} +  - **SETUP** 
-      - Check the box "Use for all" so you dont need to login twice.+      - Launch ​Exacqvison ​from the desktop icon a second time. 
 +      - In the "Find Systems"​ tab, Check the box for IP address range and CHANGE the IP to the following IP; ​-to-.51 (see picture below) {{:​evip.jpg?​nolink&​476x58|evip.jpg}} 
 +      - Click "​Find"​ 
 +      - Once foundONLY Check the two new servers (see picture below) {{:evip2.jpg?​nolink&​431x51|evip2.jpg}} 
 +      - Scroll ​all the way down and click the button ​"Add Selected" ​(see picture below) ​{{:​exacqvision25.jpg?​nolink&​187x128|exacqvision25.jpg}} 
 +      - When prompted: Log on (<font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​f1c40f>​USERNAME IS ALL LOWERCASE and the Password is case sensitive</​font>​) **THEN** ​ check both boxes. ​{{:exaqvision_20.jpg?​nolink&​328x185}}
-That is it.  Just click on the Live Views to see your cameras.+That is it. Just click on the Live Views to see your cameras. 
 +[[https://​​video/#​Timeline Search|TRAINING VIDEOS HERE]]:
 ---- ----
 +{{tag>​camera exacvision security}}
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